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About Us

Tragency Middle East is incorporated in the United Arab Emirates as a free zone company in one of the most vibrant free zones in the region, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)


Tragency Middle East and its office in Egypt, TME Egypt - Free Zone, are a partnership among a group of professional executives that bring the technology partner and client together in a seemingly effortless manner. With more than 40 years of process industry experience, our teams are updated regularly with training programs and workshops. Furthermore, we afford the opportunity for our clients to have access to state of the art technology rendered by our technology partners.


Today, clients view Tragency Middle East as a process optimization organization. Our scope starts at the after-market sales by offering our clients technical support such as site surveys, site audits, site testing, client education for our products, etc. We progress to bring added value integrated reselling of various packages. System integration is our preferred trading model. Consultation, joint venture and training is a niche that we employ to benchmark our market. Along with cooperating with partners as agent and distributor.

Our main markets are:

•Oil & Gas





•Special Projects


Our policy is to partner with international market leaders to render their expertise to our regional customers in typical win-win scenarios increasing the profitability through added value consultation, products, services and site support.


Support the regional process industry to meet the increasingly competitive, techno-economic challenges. Lead the way with our business partners offering our local partners value added process solutions and services.


To see the process in our industry turning into a green, safe and cost effective optimized operation.

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